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Bravo for writing such a wonderful tribute to our golden girl Dame Elizabeth! Dearest ELIZABETH-A Private Collection by Wayne Griffen is such a special tribute from a true fan who collected many amazing items. As a fan for over 60 years it was so refreshing to see a book written with real love for a true ICON ELIZABETH. She would be proud of your hard work and devotion Wayne. A great book to buy as a gift and to own to share the memories of our favorite star if stars.

Wow! Loved it!!

Mar 05, 2015 by Carina Woolfe

Dearest Elizabeth is a private collection of memorabilia thoughtfully collected and presented by the author, Wayne Griffin. Elizabeth Taylor is a classic Hollywood icon whom those that know of her, love her and want to know more about her intimate life. This book depicts the intimate life of the lavender lady, captured in one-of-a kind photographs and memorabilia. What stood out to me was the diverse and extravagant collection of costumes, movie props and personal items - you can envision her putting on her lipstick, adorning herself with jewels and putting on the most amazing dress! Once you open the pages you can't help but feel star struck and will make any one a Liz fan and fall in love with the book instantly. I loved it, a great coffee table book or gift for anyone that is a fan of Hollywood class and glamour. My kind of lady!

An opulence never to be repeated

Nov 23, 2014 by Sally Obrien

I am so pleased that I look the time to read Dearest Elizabeth Taylor a private collection for myself and did not go by the bad judgment of others. I was extremely surprise, delighted and to be honest totally overwhelmed by such a collection. Mr. Griffin has collated what appears to be a lifelong collection and created a very unique way of telling not only the life story of Dame Elizabeth but the amazing story of his fan ship and loving devotion to his subject mattter.

The timeline is awesome and uses of some very rare and never seen images and items of memorabilia from Miss Taylor's very own wardrobe encapsulates a pure feeling of celebrity connection. I love the colour, and so did Miss Taylor in her letter, which very clearly endorses this book as 'such a lovely lavender tribute book, an amazing volume of work', and I would have to agree with her sentiments.

Congratulations., Mr. Griffin. Thank you for sharing your story, extraordinary collection and love of Elizabeth Taylor. She would indeed be very proud of her number one fan.

What people are saying

Nov 14, 2014 by Jonah Gonzales

I would like to express my amazement over such a grand volume of work, which as Elizabeth Taylor had written, such a lovely lavender tribute. I particularly like to story about celebrity connection, but told through items that were once used and owned by the late star. This book is truly used are the best they can be.

Congratulations Elizabeth Taylor's number one fan, she would no doubt be so very proud of your hardwork. I would recommend this book to anyone. I can't wait to see Dearest Elizabeth - a private collection showcased in an exhibition somewhere as it is so worthy of this and so much more.

Dearest Elizabeth - A private collection , USA 4.5 5.0 24 24 Saw the Elizabeth Taylor collection for the fourth time at the Gas Works Gallery ... well done Wayne , what a fantastic collection . And your beautiful book.. Dearest Elizabeth , w

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