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author_1“I began my journey dedicated to the life and career of author_2Elizabeth Taylor with a very simple postcard in 1986. Dearest Elizabeth letters were sent to the star for every year that followed. In 1993, Elizabeth declared me to be her number one fan and ever since then I developed a pen-friendship with Elizabeth that lasted the rest of her life. Over the years I amassed the most extraordinary private collection, which has become world renowned and declared by many as one of the largest collections of its kind. Many items in this collection were obtained directly from Elizabeth herself.”

“Throughout the past quarter of a decade, dearest Elizabeth has acknowledged this private collection, as have her public relation people and various other staff. This collection has received much media attention and has appeared in local and international magazines and papers, along with several appearances on the small screen and also awarded several accolades for its focus from other collectors. Collating this private collection for this book has taken me over thirty years and provides evidence of my admiration for the very last of Hollywood royalty, Dame Elizabeth Taylor.”

-Wayne Griffin




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